A couple of weeks ago, I posted about importing/exporting SharePoint 2010 sites via PowerShell, which I used for moving a SharePoint site from one server to another.  This time I wanted to perform something similiar, but within the same site collection.  I can use the same process via PowerShell, but since I’m moving/copying within the same site collection, I decided to use SharePoint’s built-in functionality.

  1. Log into your SharePoint 2010 site
  2. Navigate to Site Actions > Site Settings
  3. Under Site Administration, click on Content and structure
  4. The page that follows will display site and content information in a tree structure
  5. To select a sub site, navigate to it’s parent site and it should appear in the right pane
  6. Select the sub site, by opening it’s menu (click on the white space next to it’s name)
  7. In the context menu, you’ll be given options to copy/move and much more.

You can still use PowerShell to move a site within the same site collection, but the Content and structure page is another option and quite useful.  It’s a bit strange though that the layout and design of this page appear to be holdovers from WSS or SP2007, but they’ll probably be changing this in SharePoint 15/SP2012.